New York City Taxi

Nissan and taxi companies in New York, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission operate the Nissan Leaf ready to serve public transport. Nissan Leaf is an environmentally friendly vehicle technology with electric power. This step is also considered as an effort to support environmentally-friendly urban planning and infrastructure.

According to the plan, Nissan will submit six Nissan Leaf to the applicant and as a pilot program environmentally friendly vehicles, the taxi will operate free of charge for one year. This program has the objective to provide information to the city of New York about how an electric vehicle works, without producing much pollution.

Nissan Leaf supported with front-wheel drive, the energy source comes from a 24kWh lithium battery and can generate power of 80kW with 280Nm torque range. When the battery is in a state of the Leaf could travel between 76 miles even with a steady speed to penetrate the 169 km. While EPA was average at 117 km.

New York (Apr. 22, 2013) – To celebrate Earth Day, Nissan and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today launched a new electric vehicle taxi pilot with the world’s best-selling electric car, Nissan LEAF. This pilot program, which puts six LEAF taxis into service beginning this spring, will help Nissan, the city, the taxi industry and the public understand how zero emission vehicles can be integrated into future taxi fleets.

For the Australian region, EV series will be released starting next year. Sure as did Nissan’s breakthrough this is interesting, because the electric-powered vehicles a taxi is still relatively rare

Fiat 500 Alpha Bravo

Fat Lace ready to launch the Fiat 500 with the name Alpha Bravo. Fiat 500 The plan will be carried off to enliven the celebration of world-class automotive SEMA Motor Show, in the near future. There is uniqueness in the car, such as seen in the interior sector.

Built by the Tribe Agency, Fiat 500 Alpha Bravo is equipped with a variant of two-tone exterior color. Another embodiment of stylish looks too pda part is equipped with a hood over Inno rack, can be functional as well. Other devices that complement the look or style Fiat 500 is seen in the placement of wheels made ​​from lightweight and equipped by Falken tires.

Other modifications were present on the suspension devices such as air suspension, so the height can be easily adjusted.