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Fiat 500 Alpha Bravo

Fat Lace ready to launch the Fiat 500 with the name Alpha Bravo. Fiat 500 The plan will be carried off to enliven the celebration of world-class automotive SEMA Motor Show, in the near future. There is uniqueness in the car, such as seen in the interior sector.

Built by the Tribe Agency, Fiat 500 Alpha Bravo is equipped with a variant of two-tone exterior color. Another embodiment of stylish looks too pda part is equipped with a hood over Inno rack, can be functional as well. Other devices that complement the look or style Fiat 500 is seen in the placement of wheels made ​​from lightweight and equipped by Falken tires.

Other modifications were present on the suspension devices such as air suspension, so the height can be easily adjusted.

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