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New Toyota Supra Hybrid

Toyota reportedly is conducting trials for the New Supra. Rumors say New Toyota Supra Hybrid will come with an exterior design that resembles the body of the FT-HS concept that had been present at the Detroit Auto Show 2007 ago.

Exterior design that looks like the concept cars of the future, which shows an aerodynamic shape with sharp curves combined airy glass design and form a thin headlamp. Reportedly, New Toyota Supra Hybrid will be given the power intake of the engine with Hybrid 3.5-liter V-6 cylinder configuration that could produce a total power of 400 horse power. This great power will be channeled through the rear-wheel drive.

According to one who works at Toyota, there is no great pressure to quickly complete the project New Toyota Supra Hybrid, they are still waiting for developments GT86 which was recently launched. If all goes well, New Toyota Supra This will be visible in the Toyota showroom in 2015

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